After surviving a traumatic brain injury, a charismatic boy must be raised a second time by his family. During his miraculous recovery, he is given a platform to reach more than he imagined and perfect his knock-knock jokes.

HI I'M BLAKE follows a charismatic 14-year-old who is the victim of a life-altering gymnastics accident in 2014.  Blake Hyland was given a 50/50 chance of survival after experiencing a traumatic brain injury.  Blake, however, has never been one to mold to expectations.  

After being reset back to the skills of a newborn, Blake faces a long and difficult road to recovery.  He is charging back into the world he knew before except this time without a filter.  His faith is the source of his motivation to recover, yet tension resides between the acceptance of reality and hope for the future. This film follows The Hyland's journey through recovery over the course of five years.